Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The End is the Beginning

Ad Deum Dance Company, whose moving mission is wash over the soul of humanity with the vessel of dance, presents The End Is The Beginning,
So why create a show title with a metaphorical word play? This presentation comes at the right season; spring, a time for new life and new beginnings, a time to flourish, even a time to dance. Ad Deum will also celebrate their closing performance for their company season.
“We know our lives and our work are not coming to an end, never to rise and produce again”, says Artistic Director; Randall Flinn. “We are just coming to the finish line of this season’s work and experiences, and though they have been great with outstanding performances and touring both nationally and internationally, we know transition is on the way and there will be other distances to run.”
The art of dance, like life, is in constant transition. The performances focuses on the hopeful reality that there truly is no end, there is only perpetual transition. The end of one stage of life is new beginning and also the time of preparation for what is to come. The mission of this performance is to help people connect with that truth and receive it as a great encouragement and affirmation, helping them to discover the new dance which is right around the bend.
The audience will discover this red thread sewn into the fabric of each illustrious work presented. There are eight dance works being presents by a dynamic array of choreographers including Steve Rooks, former principal dancer of Martha Graham, Durell Comedy of the Jose Limon Dance Company, Ryan Corriston of Doug Varrone and Dancers, Cheryl Cutip, Radio City Rockette veteran, and works by director Randall Flinn.