Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dancer Profile: Stella Almblade

Stella Almblade

Stella has a B.F.A. in Dance, University of Arizona. Stella has performed with companies both nationally and overseas, including 9 months in Spain where she also taught English, as well as dancing with Arrows International in Costa Rica and China. Now back in the States, she is excited to continue as a company member with Ad Deum.

Fun Facts:
1.) Nick name: 
Stellabellachellawella (haha, that's what my daddy calls me)

2.) Where are you from?
Scottsdale, AZ

3.) How old were you when you started dancing?
I started dancing when I was 11

4.) Favorite style or styles of dance?
All Styles, but I've always said that if I could be a professional dancer a professional swing dancer would be soooo much fun! The music is just always so upbeat and happy all the time! You can't dance swing and be sad!

5.) What made you want to start dancing?
Well, I don't remember this, but as my mom tells the story, since I was such a tomboy and had all guy friends I loved sports growing up! But my asthma was really bad and one time in particular I was hospitalized for a long time. When I returned from the hospital I could barely do anything let alone play sports and keep up with the boys who were 2 years older than me. My mom says I was depressed. She heard that ballet was "anaerobic" (meaning I might be able to handle it even with my severe asthma) and so she let me try a ballet class! I guess I loved it, and I just kept taking dance classes from then on!

6.) What dancers or dance companies inspire you?
My dear friends Stephanie Brooks and Erin Lovrien. THE most talented dancers and humble people I know. No joke. They are both using their gifts for the Lord! And of course, ALVIN AILEY! I still remember seeing them perform Revelations, all of a sudden I was on my feet giving them a standing ovation! I don't even remember how I got on my feet, it just happened! I can't remember another time I was so moved by watching dance. (Except the daily occurrence at Ad Deum!)

7.)What Scriptures are inspiring your life right now?
John 15 (Yes, the whole thing!)

8.) Favorite work of Ad Deum?
Sorry, I have to give three: APOLOGY! I've simply never seen ANYTHING like it in my entire life! MISSION: it's literally heaven on earth. I can't wait till the day when we all see each other in heaven before the Lord, because I honestly believe we will be doing those same dance moves with the angels before His Throne! It's Incredible! But I have to say, how much my life has changed as I have had the honor of getting to learn and perform Amazing Grace. It's been two years and God is STILL teaching me things through this piece!

9.) Favorite Performance or Outreach of the year?

WOW. I have no idea. It's a cross between getting to show amazing grace in front of Matthew Rushing and just watching Ad Deum II perform at Creative Dreams. Witnessing them inaction was a blessing to me!

10.) Favorite Ad Deum Memory?

Too many funny ones to write in one spot, too many international travels to mention, too many daily miracles and healings. I cannot pick just one. I will also NEVER take for granted the fact that we will just stop class or rehearsal and pray for someone like it's normal!!! Those times have changed my daily reality! But I think the one that tops it all for me is hearing that a young man that was planning to take his own life, but when he watched a piece that Ad Deum performed, decided there's something worth living for... my heart drops in awe of how God can use art. I have no words!

11.) Favorite Food?
Brownies. and YES, it's a FOOD! haha. Why? Really? Does anyone even wonder? haha, I think it's pretty well understood! haha

12.) What would you do if you were not a dancer?

WHAT WOULDN'T I DO??????? Hmmm, let's see, I would live on a remote beach in Panama doing sea turtle research, I'd work on a big game reserve and national park in Africa and do side work taking animal photographs for National Geographic, I'd probably move to Perth, Australia for a time just to experience another culture.

13.) What type of music do you listen to?
EVERYTHING but music with provocative/inappropriate lyrics. So yes, I listen to even weird things like rap, screamo, metal, ska, ethnic, instrumental, etc! I like it all!

14.) Random Interesting Fact about yourself?
I was named after my grandmother Stella Almblade (So there are literally only 2 Stella Almblades in the entire world! Seriously! Google it! And my Grandmother is 97!!!! and eats a piece of chocolate cake every day!... Lord, may my days be so many and so blessed!)

"Dancers are the athlete of God"- Albert Einstein

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