Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dancer Profile: Shizu Yasuda

Shizu Yasuda
"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:21

Shizu, originally from Japan, joined Ad Deum Dance Company in 2004, and is the Rehearsal Director for the company. She has performed throughout the USA and internationally with the company. She also has served as a modern dance instructor in the Houston area and as a demonstrator in the modern dance classes at Houston Ballet Academy Summer Intensive. Currently, she is the official modern dance choreographer of Dance of Asian America.

Interview Fun:1.) Nick Name: Sushi
2.) Where are you from? Kochi, Japan
3.) How old were you when you started dancing? Ten years old
4.) What is your favorite style or styles of dancing?Modern or Contemporary. Dancing bare feet. What an economical style of Dance!
5.) What made you want to start dancing?There was a Japanese comic book (Manga) about Ballet, which was very popular among young girls.
6.) What dance companies inspire you?Dominic Walsh Dance Company, Revolve Dance Company, Momix, Hubbard Street Dance Company, and Cedar Lake Dance Company
7.) Favorite work of Ad Deum and why?"Ava Maria," "Apology," and "Be Still My Soul" They are the most beautiful choreography I have ever danced. I can not understand how Randy could create such beautiful works.
8.) Favorite Performance or Outreach of the year?Performing at MDAnderson
9.) Favorite Ad Deum Memory?The "Malaysia Tour": My Parents came to see my performance. My dad had been against my dancing career and has only seen my dancing once in his life. It was so precious to me that he came to see my dancing. 
"Dancing for Hope" (Japan earth quake charity concert). I experienced the Holy Spirit working behind this concert and experienced many miracles and synchronicity (It was insane!). And Ad Deum performed with Houston Ballet Company!

10.)Favorite Food? Sahimi (Raw fish), RAW FISH! Simply is the best!!!!
11.) What would you do if you were not a dancer? Manga cartoon creator and Illustrator.
12.) What type of Music do you listen to? Any kind: Japanese pop, Classic, new age...etc.
13.) Random Fact About yourself? I can speak Japanese so Fluently

Favorite Dance Quote: "Stage is the sacred place" - Unknown

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